Newquay town – a quiet little town

Newquay is the gateway to Cornwall, with many visitors and residents coming from further afield. The town’s name has long been associated with the sea and its beauty, enjoying it at every turn. The town’s proximity to the ocean has always meant that people have come here for a holiday during the summer months. The council have publicly committed to keeping Newquay as a coastal town whilst reflecting on how best to keep it as one for future generations.

In 2013, Newquay Town Council published an in-depth study of how factors such as population density affect tourism numbers in Newquay. In short, they argue that large numbers of tourists do not necessarily translate into large amounts of money being made locally or spent locally.

As the town council announced plans to retire its own website, they contacted us to create a look and feel that would be more relevant to their readers.

We designed the front page of Newquay Town Council’s website in a minimalist style that included a simple information architecture, with some images and three main tabs. The main screen is divided into four sections: news, services, interviews and events. An “about” link is added at the bottom left corner (see above), which leads to an overview of what’s happening around Newquay. A search box is added at the top-right corner, where users can find something specific nearby or search for something in general. News forms are displayed on the right side of the page (top-right), alongside recent events from our newsroom – everything from.

The town council of Newquay, Cornwall, is the meeting place for local government. It’s a quiet little town whose residents enjoy peaceful living and an easy going way of life.

The inhabitants are not just happy with their tranquility, but also see Newquay as a place where people love to live. And that’s what we’re all about!

It’s a market town. It’s quiet. People move here to live and work in the beachside village. But Newquay has a reality of its own – it is also a place where fun & adventure occur! So, it can be called a tourist town just like any other small British town but at the same time this place has a heart and soul that shines through its charm and personality. From the ferry which makes trips to Cornwall (and beyond!) to shopping on offer in local markets, to delicious cakes & ice-creams nearby; Newquay has something for everyone.

A group of people have decided to establish a branch office in Newquay. It will link with an existing office located in the South Coast and provide the town with direct access to its information

A new city or area can be built over the seaside resort of Newquay. The land is owned by the council and it is available for purchase. The development company has made an offer for it. It is given that some people are against it because of its negative effects on their lives. However, a group of people have agreed to support this proposal and they will build a new city on the seaside resort at sea level.